More and more users are hesitant to shop through online stores. Just as more and more people are looking for information online before making a purchase. That’s why sales portals on the Internet can not be exempted from making a good Christmas season. If the e-commerce want to get a good number of sales and catch the attention of customers, they must be prepared to offer an attractive campaign, giving a good image of their service and products. Redesigning your website can be a good choice. This way you can put Christmas decorations that allow consumers to make a direct connection with the season and begin to consider making their purchases. Creativity is another factor that can help differentiate our other option. However use words related to Christmas, group different products offered by customer type or their intended and even attract customers with some of the products that are tempting may be the key to success. Social networks can become the best allies. It can also be a good reinforcement customer service 24 hours a day, to sit there who can guide while shopping and you can follow your order and have all the details.