Include a blog for your company as part of your digital marketing strategy is the best advice I could share with you.
When the boom began blogging these used to be primarily for personal use, but over the years have found that the companies executed correctly, a blog can impact profoundly different aspects of the marketing strategy of a company and attracting traffic, lead generation and sales.

We will increase the traffic you receive from search engines
This is one of the most important benefits you can get with a block of business and due to the fact that every time you post an article will be adding a new section or inside your page and the result is obvious: More sections equals more opportunities capture traffic.

A business blog gives you the opportunity to improve the search engine ranking of the most important sections or inside your web page
It is common to have other important sections in your page, for example those where you explain the qualities of the product, where visitors can make a purchase or contact a seller.

Lets get external links to increase the importance Google gives your site
Generate external links is one of the most elusive and most controversial in the world of SEO.

They give it credibility and authority in your company in its sector
By maintaining a blog, companies demonstrate passion, knowledge and experience on subjects they write. Having valuable content will help your company to create a community of potential customers with passions, tastes and needs related.

Help you differentiate yourself from your competitors
Using your corporate blog can inform your customers the way they work and how your services have an advantage compared to the competition.

It is an excellent marketing tool Social Networks
It is well known that keep the social networking company is not an easy task. You can even get to say that it is a daunting task depending on which engages the company in question.

To help your customers buy more and recommend you
Having a blog can be an excellent tool to retain your customers, get repurchases and recommendations.

Statistics show that having a blog is a key element in your marketing strategy. However, as in any business run the way ideas are more important than the idea itself.

You have to take care that your blog is properly optimized to be easily found by search engines but also because your readers are easy to read.

The frequency with which updates a blog also plays an important role in the results because among most publications do get more benefits.

So it’s not just start writing desenfrenadament without a plan and a specific objective because it does not impact on your brand. Your blog should be well planned and promoted, especially, should have quality content.